What I can do for you

I am helping people  who experience muscular and skeletal pain by means of Remedial Services.

Conditions that respond favourably are:


Stress related issues




and many more ... too many to mention

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The Body Mind Connection

I am helping people professionally since 2002 and have evolved:  from being a Bowen Therapist (BT) to         Dip Bowen & Dip Remedial Therapist

Studies starting with  basic Biochemistry to      accomplish the  adv. Dip. of Aromatic Medicine discovering  connections allong the way that make sense.

Becoming an Adult Education Trainer and Assessor                    One of the biggest if not the biggest I have learned on my journey  is the ' Body/Mind connection....'. The issues are in the Tissues...

Nowadays with my aquired skills and understanding . I am able helping  people on so many levels ...Body, Mind & Spirit 

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combination treaty

As the Body Mind connection is resonating through our lives .  My  experiences as a Natural & Remedial Therapist  plus ongoing  studies have led me to develop & combine,  within my session,  the  mind & body with my uniquely,  exclusive approach.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a Hypnosis session whilst your body is in the feeling of bliss.....

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How many days will you live?

No one really  knows.... recently I came across a publication on the net, that stated 30.000 Days is the average number for a  life span..

Now if you  have passed the age of forty... chances are that you used half of this time already...

Now there comes in many of us the question in Life  where one  asks  oneself, 'are you happy with WHO and what you are?' What you have become or where would you rather like to be........ on a personal development level?

At the stage of maturity we often reach this point. Our children have left the nest and our focus changes. Now is the time again to look after No.1.... yourself..... how does it go..'.because you deserve it...' and 'it won't happen overnight...." as all good things require some effort. Would you agree?

The sensations you feel in your body hold the key to releasing stress and unwinding the body, to letting go of unresolved  emotions.....,  held onto... sometimes for decades and still disrupt our life through  the expression of Bad Habits, Emotions & Behaviours  learn to be able to life a fulfilled life with vigor and joy.

Going back to childhood in many peoples stories..... We all have our own story. Some stories are happy others not so.. , we can of course never change the beginning of a stroy but the fantastic thing is, that we can always change the Ending.....

So you have the remaining promising half of your days left  to allow to feel  your Life fulfilled..

As mature beings we look at many things differently,we  have changed our perspectives on many issues...

So could it be the right time to change some more?  changes for the better, letting go of anxiety, letting go of anger, letting go of shame, embarrassment, guilt, of all that is holding you back...

then in the past now you are ready to make these changes... these changes are for a better life ...


So what is holding you back?




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