The holistic some call it............ wholistic approach

My philosophy is to be of service where ever I can be of service. Treatment sessions are naturally holistic in the true sense. Adressing the  persons, body from the physical aspect, from the biochemical aspect and by means of the mindset.

I used to be just like everyone else....

I used to be like most of my clients ,  a normal Mum like many of us.

Looking after the family and family business duties. Life was busy until something happens that changes your track.

Often we need drastic measures before we get into action......

Meet the Therapist

Hi am Irene, I am originally from Germany, but lived by now most of my Life in Australia.And of this time most of in the beautioful South East of Queensland Beenleiegh area.                                                                                                           I came about to what I do 

Due to what seemed at the time  misfortunate horseback riding  accident back in the (N.T.)  outback, what turned out to be the game changer. I was inundated over many years by severe back pain and spasms , that would often lead to great distress and at stages  to almost immobility.

After I travelled the allopathic , conventional path -  going through the mills,  without achieving  the desired relief. At my last episode in 1996 , feeling  Frustrated after years of suffering I  was introduced by a friend  to Bowen Therapy  - Even though with initial skeptics,   but also with an open mind  and a certain curiosity -  I  listened to my friends suggestion .  Needless to say that it worked. So convinced that if I  could be helped , there are so many other people that  can be helped too,  that I decided to travel the path of becoming  a people helper. Ever since then I have been blessed to been able to have helped literally thousands of people ...

After the breakdown of family life I knew it,    I had to seriously reinvent myself.               In my ongoing journey that held many ups and downs to get where I find  myself today,  I put in the effort  and studied hard to become a skilful and  accomplished  Body and Transformational Therapist.   Displaying passion and professionalism,    great dignity , caring   character , kindness all along the way. People comment  that I am   engaging with  a friendly disposition and still have the capability to listen.  " Irene still  listens to her patients" .  During  the past 18 years I have build upon  my  skills and  knowledge,  to a degree that gives me the advantage to be able to help my  clients on various levels of their many discomforts.  By means of Remedial Therapies, Mineral Therapy, Aromatic Medicine and latest accomplishment Hypnotherapy.

I am also a Trainer and assessor for adult education.

Along my journey  I  could feel and  sense  that the body/mind connection plays often  a huge part in people’s lives and discomforts.

I have studied and  gained  profound knowledge in my chosen fields. My  business  ‘Beenleigh Bowen Clinic’  a preventative Health practice, established in 2002  has earned over the years  quite an outstanding  reputation and reviews  for delivering  amazingly  effective at the same time pleasantly  feeling, relaxing  treatments,  aiding stress relief not only on muscles but  simply all levels.

Remedial treatments at Beenleigh Bowen Clinic  are  recognized by Private Health funds.

Irene Baggetto

Irene Baggetto 

Therapist  & proprietor

ADV. Diploma of aromatic medicine

Diplomas of Bowen Therapy & Remedial Massage

Trainer & assessor TAE Cert IV 40401

Certified Hypnotist

Registered Natural Therapist

Next Steps...

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Beenleigh, Australia